10 ways to organize your closet

10 Ways To Organize Your Closet
Keeping our closets organized and clean can be a hard task to conquer. Sometimes we need more space and shelving, sometimes we have too many clothes and for most there just isn’t enough time in the day to keep it organized. The following ten tips will not only help with time management it will give you a few easy resources for keeping your closet as organized as possible! Check out the tips below:
  1. Invest In Proper Hangers: Having good hangers can create a strong base for closet organization. Wood hangers and satin hangers are the best to use and they can cater to different clothes. If you want to stick with plastic hangers try to have all hangers be the same color, this will give your hanging items a finished look. 
  2. Out With The Old: To clear up space try to go through your clothes at every season change (winter,spring,summer, fall). Doing this will make room for the outfits you love most and if you can donate what you don’t want you’ll be doing a good deed.
  3. Inventory: Take inventory of your closet so you know exactly what you have. This way it is easy to browse your clothing options and keep tabs on how much you really have. Taking out all your clothes and laying them out on the bed will give you a better view of what you have.
  4. Color Coded: By color coding your hanging items, you will allow for easier outfit selection when your in a rush and allow you to get the most out of your colors. If you need help, go to your favorite clothing store for color coding inspiration. 
  5. Hooks for purses: If your closet allows for the space designate 1 or 2 hooks for your handbags and purses. This way you can choose the perfect bag for your outfit and minimize the time it takes to get ready in the morning.
  6. Get inspired:  Organizing your closet is a great time to get inspired and add a few trendy pieces. Flip through your favorite fashion magazine and choose one or two trendy pieces. It can be a piece of jewelry and a print for example. This refreshes your closet as well as your look. 
  7. Cozy Warm: Sweatpants, work out clothes, comfy shirts etc. should all be kept together in the lower part of your closet. This will keep them all together and make it easy to find your favorite pair of cozy pants in no time!
  8. Fold Sweaters: If you have a small collection of sweaters, make sure they can be folded rather than hung. This way they will keep their shape and allow you to see all of your options.
  9. Boxes For Jewelry: A great way to organize your jewels is using decorative boxes from the Dollar store. Use various sizes for neclaces, earrings and bracelets. For your most precious jewels, invest in a nice jewelry box with velvet padding.
  10. Donate Slowly: A good way to keep your closet current is to create a donation box that can live in your closet. Then as you go you can slowly start weeding out what you don’t wear and donate when the box is full. You can also organize a clothing party where you trade outfits with your friends.
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Stay fabulous!
Jackie M.
Jewelry designer and fashion stylist at Roxie&Loulou


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