Pick the right jewelry for a job interview

Have a job interview? When choosing your jewelry, choosing the right pieces can give you confidence. Here are a few guidelines to inspire you.

Roxie&Loulou Vintage Fashion necklace
  • Don't wear jewelry that can detract the other person's attention from what you are saying.

  • Do wear small, conservative pieces.  Necklaces should be discreet and rings should be inconspicuous, unless you are interviewing in the fashion sector. 

  • Do avoid the knuckle duster look with multiple rings per hand, with the exception of a wedding bands and engagement rings.

  • Don’t wear jewelry with political, religious or insignia depicting any movement or lobby. You are interviewing for a job not conducting a campaign. We also should also be mindful that none of us know the affiliations of anyone who might be interviewing us. You might be pro-hunting but your interviewer could be a vegetarian.

  • Don’t wear plastic- stick to real precious metals and stones. These classic pieces will always communicate sophistication.
  • Don’t wear jewelry in multiple piercings, nose, ears, mouth or tongue. Keep it simple.

  • Do co-ordinate – fashions change, but the focus should be on you and not on any fashion faux pas you might make with clashing jewelry styles.

  • Do be cautious about expensive pieces. You never know the background of the person who is interviewing you.

Have a fabulous weekend!
Jackie M.
Jewelry Designer

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