The Perfect Party Dress

How to Choose the Perfect Party Dress?

Receiving a party invitation can be very exciting. And it can also cause some anxiety when you don't know what to wear.
When choosing the perfect dress for your party, you must consider the occasion, the perfect color, the dress style and body shape, the fabric, the price and the accessories
Traditionally, dresses were only available in chain shops, department stores, clothing stores and fashion houses. Nowadays, they are available online from designers around the world.
Finding the perfect party dress is not so easy. The following tips will help you.

1. The occasion.
The occasion is the first thing to consider when choosing a dress for any party. Most hosts usually inform their guests on the dress code for the party thus making the process of choosing your dress much easier. However, if there is no specification on the dress code, then you should consider the formality of the gathering while you are choosing your dress.
  • For formal parties such as upscale dinner party and official lunch you should select more a conventional cut and avoid a dress that falls above the knees.
  • For informal parties such as a wedding or a birthday party, you should select more with fashionable cuts that show off a lot of skin are acceptable.
  • A cocktail party dress can be more stylish and trendy .

2. The perfect color.
When you choose your party dress, you must consider a color that suits your skin tone. Otherwise it will useless for you.
  • Dark skin: If you have a dark skin, look good in light colors such as white, yellow, green and pink will suit you well. Brown and black will make you fade into the background. For example, a yellow dress is better suited for darker skin women.
  • Fair skin: If you are fair-skinned woman choose a dress that is brightly colored. Avoid white and yellow. If you’re dark-haired with fair skin, red and green will look beautiful.
  • Medium skin: If your skin tone is medium, you should go for neutral shades such as brown, grey and blacks which are striking against your skin tone and look elegant. You can also try blues and reds. Warm tones are perfect with your coloring.

3. The dress style and body shape:
While you are choosing a party dress, it is important to keep your body type in mind and also consider about the latest style.
  • Heavy women look good in well-fitting dresses and alternatively slim figure women wear loose fitting dresses.
  • If you are a woman with a heavy bust, you can look good in square-necked, low-cut dress. Alternatively, women with a small bust look gorgeous in dresses with a low neckline or ones with thin straps.

4. The fabric:
When you choose a party dress for your special occasion, you must consider the fabric
For example, if the dress is made from low-quality fabric it is always noticeable. Jersey and knit fabrics can cling to your body and make you look bigger than you are, depending on the style. These can also make the dress look more casual and are not appropriate for formal party dresses.

5. The price:

Price consideration is the important factors for party dress selection. Select you party dress based on your budget. You don't have to break the bank to look fabulous.

6. The accessories:
Finally, once you have chosen that perfect party dress, adding the perfect accessories will complete the look. You can never go wrong with diamonds and pearls. If you want a more unique look, add a touch of vintage to your dress. Whatever you choose, an elegant necklace paired with matching earrings, bracelets and ring will always do the trick. 

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