How to wear a Fedora

Happy Wednesday!
Spring is here and time to take out my fedora! I love this type of hat. It's classy and timeless. And it's not only for men. I think gals and guys should wear this type of hat. It suits a lot of people.

This season's must-have!

In cities all over the world and on celebrities, I have seen many wearing fedora hats. And we have seen plenty of fedoras on the runway this season. This may lead us to mistakenly think that this type of hat is not only for a casual look. The truth is that fedora hats are extremely versatile; they go well with different styles from classy to sporty.

It's time for a Fedora!

If a single fedora hat has not slipped into your fashionista’s wardrobe yet, then it may be the time to re-evaluate your relationship with Fedora! Are you afraid of looking too pretentious in a fedora? Do you think that a fedora may not go well with your everyday outfits? Are you worried that fedora may actually sneak into your wardrobe but it will never see the day light and will be just collecting dust on the shelves of your closet? Maybe this season is the time you stop adoring other people wearing fedoras and try to pull off your own look with this edgy and stylish hat. You do not need to invest in a really expensive hat. Just find the perfect one for you.
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Choosing the right fedora

When choosing a fedora, you need to follow some principles which are pretty much common sense. If you are more on a petite side, do not go for a hat with really large brim. Keep it proportionate. Tall women on the other hand may afford to wear hats with wider brims. You also need to make sure that a hat flatters your face by making it seem oval. For example, a fedora with a raised crown will really compliment a round face by elongating it. Small hat, on the contrary, would make a round face look even bigger.
Just have fun with finding your perfect hat.
Need any help or advice? Please let me know.
Stay fabulous!
Jackie M.
Jewelry designer and fashion stylist at Roxie&Loulou

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