Make Your Legs Look Longer

Greetings Fashionistas!

Are you a petite woman and would like to look a bit taller? I know this is something I strive to achieve every day.

Thanks to this fashion guide I found on Pinterest, my clothes and shoes will give the illusion of longer legs. 

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I love these simple tips. They show great examples on how to look a bit taller. 

Monochromatic outfits is one tip I would add to this guide. Wearing the same shade helps the eye flow down the outfit. If you are wearing jeans with a white blouse, that's fine too. One last thing I would add about the monochromatic outfit, be careful with prints and colors. Too much is not a good thing. For example, leopard print or fluorescent colors.

What do you think? Need any help or advice about how to look taller? Please let me know.

Stay fabulous!
Jackie M.
Your personal fashion stylist


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