Jackie M. Style: A Dream Come True

Greetings Fashionistas!

What to wear? That's the question a lot of us ask ourselves each morning and before any special occasion. I know I always wonder, and I'm a fashion stylist. Sure, I eventually put outfits together and get lots of great compliments. But, it takes practice and risks. In my 40s, I'm a lot more confident with my fashion style! It wasn't always so. And, some days, I'm not too sure of my outfit.

Thankfully, I have inspiration!! Celebrities are a good source for me and, of course my own outfit creations on Polyvore! Check them out and see if anything suits your fancy! 

Since I was fourteen years old, I've always wanted to work in fashion. Nothing would stop me! Even a girl from New Brunswick(Canada) could become a success in whatever she put her mind to! My passion for European designers like Dior and Chanel, combined with my love of drawing conjured up a dream to become a fashion designer. I used to draw all the time. But, now, I realize that I was always a fashion stylist because my designs consisted of creating outfits inspired by designers, celebrities and magazines.

After years of putting my dream aside for more 'reasonable' work and education, I finally decided that it was time for me. That's why I went for my fashion stylist and fashion merchandising diplomas. I'm so proud of myself! :-) Combined with my sociology university diploma, I'm confident that I have not only the knowledge, but also the passion to help my customers(women and men!) find their style or update the one they already have.

In May of this year(2017), I started my own business(officially!). I created different styling services(for all types of women and men!) which you can see on my website! I've also created a questionnaire where you can figure out your body type.  You can also find a service that offers you a quick fashion question when you are not quite sure what to wear. And, finally, you can also sign up for fashion workshops. These are pretty cool if I say so myself. It's the gift to yourself that keeps on giving because you get to learn what I know about fashion and style!

Before I forget, check out my promo videos! I'm so excited to share them with you!

So, there you have it! I hope you take a minute and check out my styling services! By the way, they are available to everyone, everywhere! I'm just a click away! 

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Stay fabulous!
Your personal fashion stylist
Jackie M.

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